Internal Communications: Why It Matters & Where To Start

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On Thursday, February 4th at 9:30 AM PT, Redpoint Office Hours will host Daria Kissner, who previously built and led internal and executive communications for Google’s Ads and Commerce teams and YouTube. Now, as a strategic consultant, Daria helps early and mid-stage companies scale internal communications to support growth and evolution. Hollie Wegman, a Redpoint EIR and previously VP of Marketing at Segment & Envoy, will host this session, which will focus on:

  • The role of internal communications, how it differs from public relations and marketing, and where it resides in an…

2020 brought a lot of change the whole world over. For many of us, the global pandemic marked a stark inflection point, which in turn invited a lot of reflection. So as this year comes to a close, we thought we’d look back on some of the exciting milestones for our leaders and companies — and offer some insights into what might be on the horizon.

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Looking back at 2020:

  • With the launch of our 8th early stage fund, we now manage $5.7B!
  • We’ve also grown our team over the past year with new investors Logan Bartlett, Emily Man, Jacob Effron, and Urvashi Baraooh.
  • We invested in thirteen new companies across our early and growth funds. …

Recap By: Ashley Law

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Linda Tong’s professional journey has taken her across businesses of all sizes — from startups in hypergrowth mode to mature, multi-hundred million-dollar businesses. She started off in product marketing at Google, helping launch Google Chrome and Android. It was there that she felt inspired about the impact she could have on a startup, and from there she became a founding member at Tapjoy, and then, Nextbit. As an avid sports fanatic, she was lured to the NFL by Tom Brady (a story for another day!), and then held multiple roles at AppDynamics, where she was recently promoted to General Manager. Naturally, these disparate companies and approaches have also given her opportunities to work with lots of different people in a range of different organizational structures and teams. …

By: Medha Agarwal and Urvashi Barooah

At Redpoint Ventures, we have been evaluating the finance tech stack for the last few years. We believe that finance tools will be re-imagined — and the time is now for this evolution. Based on our conversations with operators, we outlined the biggest pain points for CFOs and opportunities for innovation within the finance tech stack. …

On Wednesday, December 16th at 9:00 AM PT, Redpoint Office Hours will welcome Giancarlo ‘GC’ Lionetti, the CMO of Confluent, which was founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka® and pioneered the enterprise-ready event streaming platform.

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GC has led the rapid expansion of Confluent’s growth, marketing, and developer relations functions. Confluent’s annual recurring revenue more than doubled year over year in 2019 and the company reached a $4.5 billion valuation for its recent $250 million Series E round. Previously, GC served as Vice President of Self-Serve Growth at Dropbox, and also led Product Marketing for the Developer Tools Division at Atlassian. …

From Hypergrowth to Hyperscale—What I Learned Managing Small and Massive Teams

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Redpoint Office Hours with Linda Tong and Tomasz Tunguz

On Thursday, December 3rd at 11:00 AM PT, Redpoint Office Hours will welcome Linda Tong, the GM of AppDynamics.

Linda has experienced it all — both the start-up and big corporation trials and triumphs. During this conversation, we will get her take on the differences between working at smaller companies versus big corporations, and what type of managerial skills are needed for both types of roles.

In 2017 Linda joined AppDynamics as Vice President of Innovation Labs & Product Experience where her design-led leadership style drove the next phase of their product journey and empowered a company culture of curiosity and experimentation. In 2019, she was promoted to Chief Product Officer where she focused on driving the company’s product vision and strategy. …

By: Atli Thorkelsson

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Ask any founder about the reasons for their success, and it’s a good bet that they’ll credit the people they surrounded themselves with as a deciding factor. Of course, it’s not just about surrounding yourself with high-caliber people, but about being deliberate, flexible, and reciprocal in how you work with them. We think about this edge-maker all the time at Redpoint, and it’s a big reason why we focus on “network” rather than “talent,” which tends to over-index on hiring instead of the full scope of harnessing the power of people.

Now, to some, this might seem like semantics. My background, too, was in recruiting before I joined Redpoint — so I’ve seen firsthand how getting the right people in the door is challenging (and critical) enough at any stage. But limiting ourselves to focusing only on hiring specifically would cut ourselves off at the knees. After all, there are so many more ways to work with people, and only viewing talent through the lens of hiring is like putting blinders on to other ways — from actually working with them once hired to simply partnering with them for advice, and so much more in between. One powerful component of one’s network that I’ve seen people forget about is the power of the extended network of those with whom you’re close. …

With Medha Agarwal and Kaz Nejatian

For last month’s Office Hours, Medha Agarwal and Kaz Nejatian discussed the future of embedded finance and learnings from Shopify Capital’s journey. Some of the key takeaways from the conversation include:

  • Start with user empathy. Always ask yourself, what can we do next to help our users succeed? If you build the best tools, the monetization will come.
  • Think through your prioritization of offerings like a software problem, not a finance problem. The thing that solves most problems for most of your users is the answer.
  • Don’t get jealous of other people’s business plans or business models. Your natural business model probably works best for you. …

Our journey with Root

By: Elliot Geidt on behalf of Redpoint

When transportation insurance was first offered in the U.S., it was the 1890s. William McKinley was President. And that first policy — written by Travelers — was actually written for travel by horse and carriage. Fast forward 120+ years, and many of the same insurance providers are still around. While they’ve kept up with newer modes of transportation, not much else has changed in how they price their policies. To these incumbents, they really only care about your demographic profile and — get this — your FICO score.

But when we first met Alex Timm and the Root team in 2017, it was clear they had different plans for auto insurance. Alex and the team recognized that the most recent mobile phones had enough compute power and precision sensors — including a gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass — to paint a remarkably clear picture of an individual’s driving behavior. This approach had the promise of being far more predictive of a driver’s risk than their credit score or age and gender. The idea was fundamentally more fair to drivers. And if done right, it was good business. …

By: Medha Agarwal and Urvashi Barooah

We believe there is an opportunity to optimize every layer of the CFO tech stack in response to the pain points we covered in our initial post. As we alluded to there, some of this optimization is already underway: The space has seen a lot of innovation in the past few years, mostly driven by finance practitioners and operators who are frustrated by the status quo.

Below we have created a map of both established and emerging companies looking to innovate various aspects of the tech stack. …


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